Support to ILO staff in conflict prevention and resolution : Achievements 2015

The Legal Support Unit (LSU) has provided legal advice to the SUC and individual staff members, in headquarters and in the field. It has also continued to provide legal support in the framework of negotiations carried out with the Administration in order to address issues of particular interest to the staff, like contracts policy, recruitment and selection, job grade review in the field, precarious contracts, harassment policy, working time, rewards and recognition and industrial relations in the Office, etc.

The Unit has also continued to advise individual staff on options for conflict prevention and resolution, upon request, in the framework of individual cases.

Challenges ahead:

A competition for the post of legal adviser. Nicolas Lopez-Armand, who has served the Staff Union as its legal adviser for many years, is due to leave his post for other horizons. We would all like to congratulate him on the work he has done and for the legal assistance he has provided for the Committee and for all the members of the Staff Union. The competition for the post will be held very shortly so that the transition can take place as smoothly as possible and so that the Union’s members can very soon have access to a full legal team.