Recruitment and Selection: Objectives 2015

Objective: Sound implementation of the collective agreement on recruitment and selection, in the context of a mobility and career development approach, as well as a greater motivation and job satisfaction of staff.

Means of action

• For confirmed vacancies, the Staff Union Committee (SUC), in collaboration with HRD, plays an important role in the review of vacancy announcements. The SUC aims at ensuring fair job descriptions and real opportunities of career development.
• The coordinator of the recruitment and selection working group is currently participating in the Recruitment, Assignment and Mobility Committee (RAMC), in an advisory capacity. In terms of filling the vacancies, the action of the SUC will be reinforced by the presence of two SUC representatives in the RAMC, and it will be based on a sound implementation of the recruitment and selection procedure and the principles of transparency, due process, fairness and equity.
• The SUC also aims at ensuring a good communication to staff on matters related to the new agreement on recruitment and selection procedures.
• Good relationships with the newly appointed independent members of the technical panels are important for the success of this critical new role. The SUC’s purpose in this matter is to share the working group’s experience, provide practical guidance and develop materials to support fulfilling their new responsibility.