Europe & Arab States

Titular member: Eva Mihlic, ILO Regional Office, Budapest

Mandate: 1 October 2020 – 30 September 2022

Substitute: Ludovic Caprini

City / Country Staff Union Representative
Ankara (Turkey) Mr Bahadir Murat Akin
Beirut (Lebanon) Ms. Zeina Mezher
Budapest (Hungary) Ms Kinga Jakab
European Union Duty Stations:
(Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Rome) Ms Anne-Françoise le Grelle
Moscow (Russian Federation) Ms Anna Sokolova

Europe and Arab States 2015

Titular member: Rania Bikhazi Substitute member: Christiane Wiskow The activities in the Region of Europe and the Arab States are diverse and based on each region’s specificity. They can be grouped along four main achievements: 1. Increasing membership base and strengthening representation 2. Building capacity of staff members serving as…