Contracts and employment security : Achievements 2015

Achievements: The Staff Union succeeded in drawing attention to the realities of precarious staff through discussions at the Joint Negotiation Committee (JNC), widespread consultation with staff and associated legal action vis-à-vis the Administration.
A constructive relationship with the Internboard (IB) accounted for the Interns’ participation in the May Day march, and a stipend increase of 45 CHF for medical insurance costs.

The following actions were organized in the first six months of 2015:
• Guiding principles for the future negotiations on contracts policy released by SUC;
• Town Hall meeting organized at HQ on 26 February and webinars with the regions organized on 28-29 March;
• Survey on contracts and Mandatory Age of Separation launched on 31 March. Initial results discussed with stewards on 18 June and published in July 2015;
• Results of the joint HRD/SUC survey on TC contracts discussed at the JNC and published in June 2015;
• Legal actions lodged against: (i) the illegal practice of so-called “TC assimilated” contracts, which do not result in the titularization of staff, and (ii) the appointment of D staff without a competitive and transparent selection process;
• Brown bag lunches organized with the IB to discuss issues of concern to the Interns.

Challenges ahead: After a promising start, negotiations on contracts suddenly stopped in the absence of a specific timetable. No concrete steps have been taken, moreover, to implement the recommendations drawn from the joint HRD-SUC survey on TC, despite prior commitments by the Administration. In addition, the Internboard is facing recurrent issues such as stipend adequacy at HQ and in the field, and the question of internship recognition for professional purposes. A campaign to mobilize staff around contract policy is to be launched soon.