Communications Officer: Harvey Addo-Yobo
Assisted by: Yvan Poulin, Yannick Humeau

Objectives and means of action

Objective: This year being the Staff Union’s Centenary and activities planned, this group will ensure that the Staff Union communicates with the staff more effectively, on centenary activities, ongoing problems and progress made, in close collaboration with the relevant working groups.

Means of action

Keeping the staff regularly informed of developments through the Union’s new totems in HQ, broadcasts, website, social media, etc.

  • Updating the website in English, French and Spanish.
  • Updating existing information notes on important issues such as the Staff Union Assistance Fund (SUAF), the use of members’ dues, recruitment and selection.
  • Improving the wording of Staff Union material (especially its flyers and membership forms) so as to make it more inclusive.
  • Drafting new information notes to make procedures easier to understand for the officials concerned.
  • Communicating regularly with the drafting committee of UNION regarding the publication of editorials on ILO policies and procedures.
  • Finding new ways to promote Staff Union campaigns and explain what they are about, especially recruitment drives, training activities, etc.
  • The communications team will meet weekly to prepare the week’s headlines (“Manchette”) and press releases. All members will be in close contact in the event of an emergency to ensure responsive communication between the Union and staff. This responsiveness is going to be crucial in light of the Staff Union’s centenary year, and in light of planned events throughout the year.
  • Newsletters, broadcasts, headlines, providing material and design for signs and publications on social networks, particularly Twitter and Facebook will be our main means of communication.
  • As the UNION magazine remained very quiet last year, the communications team solicits contributors with topics from the Field and HQ to produce the magazine’s annual publication this year. Do not hesitate to visit us:
  • The Website is currently being updated and will be revamped. It is a long-term work but the team wants the information to be as complete as possible and especially in the three languages.
  • The Union will continue to build on this momentum and will do its utmost to improve communication with the staff using all the means at its disposal and the knowledge of the team members.



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