Age of retirement, 65 for all: Progress made, thanks to CCISUA!

Staff Union Bulletin N° 1504

In a landmark decision, the International Civil Service Commission yesterday agreed that UN
and agency staff be able to choose to retire at 65, with implementation of this change by
1 January 2017.
The decision, which is expected to be validated by the General Assembly this fall, is in line with
the position of Ban Ki-moon and many heads of agencies, and allows international
organizations to harmonize their practices.

The decision recognizes that many staff still have much to contribute at 60 or 62 and provides a
more transparent alternative to the situation in many organizations where significant numbers
of staff are already retained beyond 62 or rehired.

Certain organizations had queried whether retirement at 65 would prevent rejuvenation, good
performance and gender balance.

However, staff unions showed that with the average UN entry age at 41, a new and improved
performance management system and a lack of significant interest in ensuring gender balance
at recruitment, changing the retirement age would have little impact.

Having spoken with certain organizations, we believe that the policy change, under
consideration since 2009, will be relatively simple to implement, and look forward to working
with organization management teams on taking this forward.

We will keep you updated on developments.
The intervention of our staff federation, CCISUA, is here: