Undermining the living standards of staff is no way to mark the 70th anniversary of the UN

Dear Colleagues,

The ILO Staff Union participates in the critically important campaign launched by the Coordinating Committee for International Staff Unions and Associations (CCISUA) to defend you against the cuts to your pay and benefits recommended in the ICSC compensation review (please see earlier broadcasts for more details). This campaign does not concern only Professional staff, as a similar review will take place next year for General Service staff.

As you know, the package being recommended by the ICSC would:

  • Cut pay and allowances for staff by up to 10 per cent.
  • Take most from single parents and parents with working spouses in order to finance pay raises for D and executive staff.
  • Make pay discrimination against single parents, mainly women, worse than it is already.
  • Make it more difficult and more expensive for staff in the field to see their families and visit home.
  • Damage mobility incentives.
  • Delay progress on the pay scale for length of service and performance, so that for the lowest grades to rise through the pay scale will take 19 years instead of 10.

We are taking your case to the public and asking for their support – so that they put pressure on their Governments to reject the pay and allowances cuts that will go to the General Assembly next month

Please sign the petition and ask your friends and family to support the campaign:


You may also wish to sign another petition circulated on the same subject in the following link: