Turin 2015

Titular member: Valéria Morra
Substitute member: Enrico Cairola

The situation of Turin staff continues to be very critical: in five years the staff has been considerably reduced, the workload has increased and the use of overtime systematic; many staff members, including those working on core functions, are employed under project-based (PB) contracts, several for more than ten years. The Director continues to manage the Centre by unilateral decisions, lack of consultation, lack of respect of established rules, and deterioration of bureaucratic procedures; many complaints to the ILOAT have been presented.

In October 2015 the Centre should celebrate its 50th Anniversary, but this has been denied.

Another problem is represented by the fact that Turin staff has no access to the ILO mobility, and continues to be considered as not pertaining to the Organization.

A new Staff Union Committee was elected in March and a Programme for 2015-2018 adopted by the General Assembly. The main goals are:

• Stop the recruitment freeze and restore occupational levels adequate to the workload.
• Same rights for project-based and Regular Budget staff; and progressive regularization of PB staff with long seniority (currently under negotiation at the JNC).
• Titularization exercise which is overdue. Up to 33 staff members had the right to an indeterminate contract as at December 2013, but the exercise was delayed.
• Effective implementation of the existing regulations on “overtime work”.
• Implementation, as of January 2016, of the choice by staff in service before January 2014 of the retirement age (60/62 or 65).
• Improve work-life balance: alignment to ILO improvements on maternity/paternity protection and childcare facilities on campus.
• Improvement of work organization and working conditions, in particular OSH conditions.

As at June, only the alignment of the Centre’s Staff Regulations to the amendments of the ILO’s Staff Regulations on Parental leaves has been obtained.