Titularization and Personal Promotions

The Staff Union is determined that the two processes should remain a permanent feature of the Organization because, failing any better system, they are today the only way to guarantee the staff’s career development and long-term security in employment. As with the merit increment exercise, Personal Promotions were deliberately designed to respond to the ILO’s unique structure, whereby many locally-recruited staff, in particular in field offices, have limited opportunities for promotion. The recognition afforded by merit increments and personal promotions are valued by the staff, and while improvements can be made regarding the procedures for awarding them and for extending them to TC staff, the Union will ensure that the policies themselves continue to serve the purpose for which they were intended.

As a member of the two joint bodies, the Staff Union will do everything to ensure that the machinery that is eventually introduced is even more transparent and equitable. It will push for clarification regarding the eligibility of PSI staff (who are being unlawfully excluded from the exercise), colleagues in the Tribunal, former precarious colleagues, and all others who, according to the applicable rules and GB decisions should be eligible.

It is time the “ONE ILO” slogan was applied in practice.