Training Policy


  • To ensure that staff concerns are taken into account in the ILO training policy in the current environment of funding cuts, and in the performance management system of the ILO;
  • To ensure that training and performance management policies are implemented in a fair and transparent manner, including a review of the Reports Board;
  • To promote career development through the training policy;
  • To promote transparency in merit increments so that it reflects performance evaluation results;
  • To ensure that the implementation of the new job descriptions in the field is fair to all staff; and
  • To ensure that the proposed review of job descriptions in headquarters is fair to all staff.

Means of action

Training policy

  • Implementing the training policy in line with the needs of staff at all levels and categories in an equitable manner, in the context of the JNC;
  • Participating in the Joint Training Council so that the Staff Union has a voice in the use of staff development funds, the impact of training expenditure and the assessment of how proposed training programmes satisfy staff members’ needs and requests;

Performance management

  • Addressing the staff’s concerns regarding the implementation of the performance management system and assessing how the introduction of a new cycle has responded to staff needs;
  • Ensuring that the PMF supports the career progression of staff; and
  • Negotiating improvements through the