Career Development

Coordinator: Carlos Carrión Crespo
Members: Harvey Addo-Yobo, Manuel Céspedes Ocampo, Guillaume Filhon, Chantal Nahimana, Azza Taalab

Personal promotions and reclassification

• To ensure that the personal promotion machinery is transparent and equitable. Push for clarification regarding the eligibility of staff who are being unlawfully excluded from the exercise, such as colleagues in the ILO Administrative Tribunal, former precarious colleagues, and all others who, according to the applicable rules and GB decisions should be eligible.
• To ensure that the global reclassification exercise in the field is launched without further delay and Independent Review Groups are established and active in the field for the examination of job grade review appeals.

Means of action

Participation in the joint group on personal promotions, and legal action where appropriate.

Training policy and performance management

Objective: To ensure that staff concerns are taken into account in the ILO training policy and in the performance management system of the ILO and that policies are implemented in a fair and transparent manner.

Means of action

Training policy:
• Negotiate a training policy in line with the needs of staff at all levels and categories.
• Reactivate the Joint Training Council and update its terms of reference based on the Collective Agreement on Personal Development Plans, so that mechanisms can be put in place for the Staff Union to be consulted on the use of staff development funds, the impact of training expenditure and assessing how proposed training programmes satisfy staff members’ needs and requests;
Performance management:
• Survey the staff regarding the implementation of the performance management system and assess how the introduction of a new system has responded to staff needs.
• Negotiate improvements suggested as a result of this consultation process with staff.
• Negotiate specific performance management procedures for staff working under TC projects and programmes.

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