Social security : Achievements 2015

Staff Health Insurance Fund (SHIF)

Because of the large number of complaints about delays in the reimbursement of claims, especially for field staff, the Administration has set up a working group in which the staff is represented by the Chairperson of the Staff Union Committee. We are hoping that the group will be able to submit recommendations to the Director-General and that solutions will very soon be found to improve the way the Fund operates (especially the reimbursement of claims) and to relieve its secretariat of some of the stress it has been under.

A major reason for improving the Fund is that the Management Committee has approved an increase in contributions and an adjustment of reimbursement ceilings for the end of the year. Among other things, the increase in contributions is to be accompanied by improved benefits in terms of prevention (total reimbursement).

United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF)

Elections to the Fund are currently under way and you are strongly encouraged to vote for the candidates supported by the Staff Union Committee. The most recent survey of the long-term viability of the Fund shows that it is in good shape. That said, the Joint Board of the UNJSPF is following very closely the decisions taken by the new representative of the Secretary-General, who is responsible for managing the Fund’s investments, to make sure that they do not jeopardize its continued viability.