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1 Resolution on pensions
2 Resolution concerning the salaries and allowances of officials in the General Service and Professional categories
3 Resolution on charges for Staff Training Courses
4 Resolution adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting concerning career perspectives and performance grade
5 Resolution concerning compliance with the regulations of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund
6 Resolution on the Modalities for termination of membership of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund
7 Resolution on Flexible retirement and progressive retirement
8 Resolution on Professional salaries
9 Resolution in compliance with the Staff Regulations
10 Resolution on careers
11 Resolution on the reduction in hours of work
12 Resolution on the relations between the ILO and the International Civil Service Commission
13 Resolution on relations between the ILO and business firms
14 Resolution on salaries
15 Resolution on career blockages
16 Resolution on the salaries of General Service officials recruited before 1 January 1979
17 Resolution on Professional salaries
18 Resolution on collective bargaining in the ILO
19 Resolution on pensions
20 Resolution on the salaries of the General Service staff recruited before 1 January 1979
21 Resolution on the proposed complementary pensions scheme
22 Resolution on Professional salaries
23 Resolution concerning working time
24 Resolution on action to take as a result of the failure of negotiations
25 Resolution on the implementation of the May Agreement
26 Resolution on the Geneva Post Adjustment
27 Resolution on the International Civil Service Commission
28 Resolution adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting
29 Resolution on the Malfunction of the Professional Salary System
30 Resolution on the Establishment of a Severance Grant
31 Resolution on Pensions
32 Resolution on the Age of Mandatory Cessation of Service
33 Resolution on Certain Aspects of Career Policy
34 Resolution on the Achievement of Equal Opportunity and Treatment for Women in the International Labour Office
35 Resolution concerning the right to appeal as regards personal promotion
36 Resolution on action to be pursued by the Staff Union Committee
37 Resolution concerning the Report of Inspectors Efimov and Kaddour on staff costs in the United Nations
38 Resolution against the reintroduction of charges for language courses
39 Resolution on Salary Adjustment for General Service Staff
40 Resolution concerning Salaries and Pensions
41 Resolution concerning taxes
42 Resolution concerning the complementary pension scheme
43 Resolution concerning careers
44 Resolution concerning Equal Opportunity and Treatment
45 Resolution concerning the charges for language courses
46 Resolution concerning the secret files and the protection of privacy
47 Resolution concerning contractual status of ILO Language Teachers
48 Resolution concerning pensionable remuneration
49 Resolution concerning the negotiation of conditions of work
50 Resolution concerning job security and precarious contracts
51 Resolution concerning pensions
52 Resolution on salaries and pensionable remuneration
53 Resolution approved by the FICSA Council
54 Resolution on the pensions of International Civil Servants
55 Resolution concerning pensions
56 Resolution concerning collective bargaining in the ILO
57 Resolution concerning the salaries of staff in the Professional and higher categories
58 Resolution concerning the Annual Report of the Staff Union
59 Resolution on the study of the work of ILO offices in industrialised countries
60 Resolution concerning the work of the 36th Session of the ICSC and the threats facing the international civil service
61 Resolution concerning the attacks undertaken by the bodies of the common system upon the international civil service
62 Resolution on the financial situation of the ILO and its consequences for the staff
63 Resolution concerning ICSC interference in ILO affairs
64 Resolution on Pensionable Remuneration and subsequent pensions of staff in the General Service category
65 Resolution concerning taxes on the salaries of ILO officials residing in France
66 Resolution concerning the defence of ILO staff rights
67 Resolution concerning staff/management relations and the right to collective bargaining
68 Resolution concerning the relations between the ILO and the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC)
69 Resolution concerning taxes on the salaries of ILO officials residing in France
70 Resolution on the Directives and Programme of Action for the ILO Staff Union
71 Resolution on the consequences of the withdrawal from FICSA on the functioning of the ILO Staff Union
72 Resolution on the financial position of the Office
73 Resolution on ILO financial situation and restructuring
74 Resolution on staff rights in the UN common system
75 Resolution on the attached Staff Union Programme and Strategy 1996
76 Resolution concerning financial situation and restructuring of the Office
77 Resolution concerning collective bargaining
78 Resolution concerning the Staff Union’s programme and strategy for 1997
79 Resolution concerning ILO Staff Union membership of FICSA
80 Resolution concerning an Amendment of Article 19 of the Staff Union Rules
81 Resolution concerning FICSA
82 Resolution on defending and promoting fair selection and recruitment procedures
83 Resolution concerning the amendment of the Staff Union Rules
84 Resolution on provisional measures to be taken until the election of a new Staff Union Committee
85 Resolution concerning the election called for by the notification of 20 September 1999 (SU/1999/EL/1/(Rev.1)) and organization of an election for all vacant posts of the Staff Union Committee
86 Resolution concerning the instructions to be given to the new Staff Union Committee to produce a draft revision of the Staff Union Rules after the widest consultations with the membership
87 Resolution concerning the importance of free speech in trade union activities
88 Resolution concerning collective bargaining
89 Resolution concerning the Staff Union Programme and Strategy on Pensions
90 Resolution concerning the Staff Union Programme and Strategy on the lack of right to pensions in short-term contracts
91 Resolution on long term employment under precarious conditions in the ILO
92 Resolution on the methodologies for salary surveys
93 Resolution concerning the Collective Agreement on Conflict Prevention and Resolution
94 Resolution on the impact of UN Reform on the International Civil Service
95 Resolution on Social Dialogue at the ILO
96 Resolution concerning the position of Legal Adviser to the ILO Staff Union
97 Resolution in defence of freedom of association, collective bargaining and against arbitrary transfers
98 Resolution on the affiliation of the ILO Staff Union to Public Services International
99 Resolution on the protection of freedom of association and freedom of expression in the ILO
100 Resolution in support of Bangkok and Santiago staff
101 Resolution on safeguarding the good governance of the Staff Health Insurance Fund
102 Resolution on the threat of job losses by local staff in Addis Ababa following the relocation of the ILO Regional Office for Africa
103 Resolution on the Negotiation of Contract policy
104 Resolution on the request for reform of the International Civil Service Commission and the revision of its methodologies

105                           Resolution concerning the difficulties encountered by the Turin Centre and the possible consequences for its staff

106                           Resolution concerning social dialogue at the ILO in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic