Recruitment and Selection

Coordinator: Manuel Céspedes Ocampo

Members: Harvey Addo-Yobo, Carlos Carrión-Crespo, Laurence Dubois, Sophie Guerre Chaillet, Chantal Nahimana, Maria Prieto, Ana Catalina Ramirez, Azza Taalab, Clara Van Panhuys, Christiane Wiskow


To ensure that the recruitment and selection process is both equitable and transparent, so as to strengthen the collective agreement on mobility and recruitment by focusing on career mobility, career development, greater motivation and job satisfaction.

Means of action

  • The Staff Union Committee’s review of job vacancies aims at ensuring that job descriptions are objective and offer a real possibility of career development.
  • The Committee is convinced of the importance for the Organization of a system of recruitment that seeks a broader and more authentic diversity of manpower while at the same time respecting Article 100 of the United Nations Charter, the Declaration of Philadelphia and the Staff Regulations.
  • The Staff Union is assisted in its work by the presence of two of its representatives on the Recruitment, Assignment and Mobility Committee (RAMC). Its efforts are based on strict observance of the recruitment and selection procedure and of the principles of transparency, on following standard procedures and on just and fair treatment. Particular attention is paid to the recruitment of internal candidates so as to offer them an opportunity of career development and of DC+5s so that they can benefit from employment security, as well as to a knowledge of more than one language so as to promote French and Spanish and thereby the interests of the Organization’s truly multicultural nature.
  • The Committee also intends to make sure that the staff is properly informed about any issues relating to the agreement on recruitment and selection procedures, especially since the introduction of a new computer programme that must not be allowed to undermine the 2014 agreement or to limit the role played by the staff representatives and independent members in the recruitment process.
  • If it is to carry out this crucial work successfully, the Committee must make a point of establishing good relations with the appointed independent members of the technical panels. The objective will be to share the working parties’ experience, to offer practical advice and to devise ways for them to fulfil their responsibilities properly, as far as possible in conjunction with the Human Resources Department.
  • The Committee will insist, as stipulated in the ILO Staff Regulations, that equivalent experience is recognized as such and that the basic tenets of the Organization and of its mandate are preserved.


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