New neighbours next door to the ILO

Dear colleagues,

Following the broadcast sent by INTSERV regarding the housing of asylum seekers in the former building of UNAIDS, the ILO Staff Union would like to let you know that it attended a meeting recently with representatives of other staff unions and associations (from IOM, WHO, UNAIDS), where solidarity and a willingness to help and facilitate this initiative was expressed, to the extent of the organizations’ capabilities and resources.

The Swiss authorities thanked the staff unions and associations and informed them that what the asylum seekers most needed is to learn conversational French and be able to undertake sporting activities, but that any other proposal would be welcomed.

At the initiative of the Staff Association of the IOM, the staff unions and staff associations of neighbouring organizations (including the ILO) have subsequently met to coordinate and develop future joint initiatives to facilitate the reception of these asylum seekers, and are sure to call for volunteers to get involved in
these activities.

These new neighbours will not arrive until early next year, but if you are interested please let our secretariat know (

It is a pleasure to be contributing to this initiative with you.