Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC)


Under article 5 of the Recognition and Procedural Agreement between the International Labour Office and the ILO Staff Union, the Parties decided to set up “a Joint Negotiating Committee, with an equal number of representatives, not exceeding six persons on each side, unless the Parties agree otherwise…. Wherever possible, regional, gender and staff-category considerations would be taken into account in the composition of the negotiating Parties…The Joint Negotiating Committee [nominates] its Joint Chairpersons, one representing the Union and the other the Office…The Committee [meets] within 20 working days of a request of one of the Parties, but at least three times a year… In addition to collective bargaining issues, part of the Joint Negotiating Committee meetings [are] devoted to the discussion of developments in the Office and related organs”.

Joint Chairperson: Catherine Comte – Tiberghien
Joint Secretary: Elisabeth Fombuena

Members:  Carlos Carrión-Crespo, Manuel Cespedes Ocampo, Yvan Poulin, Clara Van Panhuys
Technical Advisers :Chloé Charbonneau-Jobin