IRIS “users” forum

Objective: The final stage in the deployment of IRIS in all field offices in Africa took place in 2019. It is important that the Staff Union follow closely its implementation in the ILO’s field offices and ensure that our colleagues’ working conditions do not suffer as a result.

Means of action

  • The Staff Union will continue to participate, as an observer, in all the assessment processes resulting from the implementation of IRIS. It also remains a focal point, in the event that staff are faced with possible difficulties during this implementation phase.
  • The Staff Union will continue to ask for training on IRIS to be established at headquarters and field offices in order to provide sufficient career opportunities for General Service staff and to put an end to the re-employment of retired staff.
  • We also hope that steps will be taken to ensure that the trainings and training materials will be provided in the language of the region’s offices.