Members of the Committee and Officers

Staff Representation 2019

The Committee shall elect from among its members a Chairperson, three Vice-Chairpersons, a General Secretary, an Assistant General Secretary and a Treasurer, who shall be the Officers of the Committee. The Officers shall give effect to the decisions of the Committee. They shall place before the Committee any questions which they consider should be examined and shall propose any step which they consider appropriate.

Chairperson: Catherine Comte-Tiberghien
1st Vice-Chairperson: Carlos Carrión Crespo
2nd Vice-Chairperson: Manuel Céspedes Ocampo
3rd Vice-Chairperson: Roger Mavinga Nkambu (field)
General Secretary: Elisabeth Fombuena
Assistant General Secretary: Clara Van Panhuys
Treasurer: Yvan Poulin

Staff Union Committee members

Circular 448 – Release of union representatives
to exercise their functions