Former Officials

Created in 1985, the Section of Former Officials has some 960 members from all over the world.
When retiring from the ILO, you do not become automatically member of the Section of Former Officials. If you would like to join you have to fulfill a membership form.

Appendix IV of the Staff Union Rules contains the Rules of the Former Officials’ Section.

Members of the Bureau (mandate: 1 January 2018 – 31st December 2019)

Mr. François Kientzler, Executif Secretary
Ms. Cherry Thompson-Senior, Vice-Executif Secretary
Mr. Abdoulaye Diallo, Vice-Executif Secretary
Mr. Venkataraman Narasimhan, Treasurer
Mr. Hubertus Essenberg, Vice-Treasurer
Mr. Ivan Elsmark, Honorary Executive Secretary
Mr. Pierre Sayour, Member
Ms Carmen Sottas, Member

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