Contracts and employment security: Objective 2015

Objective: To protect employment security at the ILO, including in the context of the current negotiations with the Administration on a new contracts policy; eliminating precariousness is paramount, including the abuse of daily, special-short term, short-term, TC and false excol contracts, as well as internships. Priority areas include:
• defending the eligibility of staff in the titularization process and defending the latter as a permanent feature of the Organization.
• bringing the realities of precarious staff to the forefront of negotiations with the administration in order to obtain tangible improvements for all staff while defending acquired rights.
• supporting the claims of interns: recognition of internships as professional experience, extension of the representation of ILO interns in the field, provision of regular performance feedback throughout the internship cycle and periodical revision of the adequacy of the stipend.
Means of action
• Release the Staff Union’s vision of a contracts policy and invite comments from members.
• Publish the results of the joint HRD/SUC survey on TC contracts.
• Organize town-hall meetings on contracts at headquarters and in the regions to obtain first-hand feedback from staff.
• Introduce this feedback into the SUC proposals on contracts during negotiations.
• Follow up with an appropriate legal strategy to accompany negotiations on contracts.
• Maintain a close and constructive dialogue with the Intern Board.