Communications Officer: Harvey Addo-Yobo
Assisted by: Siska Dubbert, Yvan Poulin, Patricia Rangel Charrier

Objectives and means of action

Objective: Ensuring that the Staff Union communicates with the staff more effectively, both on ongoing problems and on progress made, in close collaboration with the relevant working groups.

Means of action:

  • Keeping the staff regularly informed of developments through the Union’s website, social media etc.
  • Updating the website in English, French and Spanish.
  • Updating existing information notes on important issues such as the Staff Union Assistance Fund, the use of members’ dues, recruitment and selection.
  • Improving the wording of Staff Union material (especially its flyers and membership forms) so as to make it more inclusive.
  • Drafting new information notes to make procedures easier to understand for the officials concerned.
  • Communicating regularly with the drafting committee of UNION regarding the publication of editorials on ILO policies and procedures.
  • Finding new ways to promote Staff Union campaigns and explain what they are about, especially recruitment drives, training activities, etc.

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