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Appeal the ICSC decision


Dear colleagues, Following the information session on legal appeals related to the application of the revised post adjustment to Geneva held on Thursday, 28 April 2018, we invite you to complete the Information Sheet and to sign the attached Power of Attorney if you are a member of the ILO…


No Confidence in ICSC

Video   Speech delivered by the Chairperson of the Staff Union on 4 April 2018 Poster : No confidence in ICSC Poster: UN Reform = ICSC Reform Format badge: No confidence in ICSC CCISUA website The media are talking about us. Here are some links for your information:…


Speech of the Chairperson of the UNION to the PFA, 31 October 2017


(In French only) Conseil d’administration Session 331 octobre-novembre 2017 Monsieur le Président, Monsieur le Directeur général, Mesdames, Messieurs les délégués, Cher(e)s collègues, J’ai l’honneur de m’adresser à vous aujourd’hui en tant que Présidente élue du Syndicat du personnel de l’OIT, lequel représente près de 70 pour cent des membres du…