Career development : Achievements 2015

Achievements: As a member of the two joint bodies which exist in this field, the Staff Union participated in the personal promotion processes under the first and second track as well as in the titularization process.
After several years of efforts on the side of the Union, the Terms of the Joint Training Council (JTC) were agreed with HRD. These Terms of reference comply with the collective agreement on personal development plans (3 August 2001), and the Office will provide the statistics, analyses and relevant information, including budgetary allocations and associated expenditures. In the context of the PMF, the Staff Union has also negotiated a new framework for the upward feedback process for the performance of managers.

Challenges ahead:
With regard to personal promotions, the Staff Union is concerned that the quota for personal promotions remains very low while requests keep increasing mainly due to inadequate career development opportunities for staff.
In the area of titularization, the Staff Union’s priority this year was, again, to defend the eligibility of certain categories of staff, such as PSI staff, colleagues in the Tribunal, former precarious colleagues who were in the meantime “regularized”, etc. As anticipated in the report to the first session of the AGM for 2015, the Staff Union has taken legal action on the grounds that these categories of staff are being unlawfully excluded from the titularization exercise and should be eligible according to the applicable rules and GB decisions.