Americas 2015

Titular member: Amalia Cuba
Substitute member: Maria-Marta Travieso

Field Review Process:
Our region remains much concerned since the Process began. Staff has not been duly informed in due time – although we met with Mr. Houngbo on February 27th this year, who told us that he requested the Regional Directors to please inform Staff Union of the proposals for their regions to be submitted to CABINET by March 16th. In our region proposals had already been sent without staff knowing about them. After many requests for information, we called for a SU Assembly in Lima on April 20th and invited the Regional Director to provide staff with information. However it was considered insufficient and staff requested that she please share the proposals in writing. She sent them at the end of April. We shared them with everyone in Lima and also in the region. We received several comments from international and nationally recruited staff from all offices in the region which were submitted both to the Regional Direction as well as to CABINET. We have not received any news recently (June).
Staff is highly concerned because we have read in the proposal that some DWCTs or offices will receive one or two additional Specialists and some others will be reduced, therefore staff may be affected either way if terms of reference are not clearly determined or posts are reviewed in order to adjust their TORs to the new workload and tasks requested in each position.

America and the Caribbean has suffered from more than one-month SHIF-claim-reimbursement delays; although the SHIF’s Executive Secretary has been most helpful with us, we insist that delays are unacceptable especially for the financial damage generated in the officials’ economy. ILO retirees also suffer from long delays. The ILO and CABINET should take the situation of SHIF very seriously. The SHIF is ours and it depends completely on ILO’s management.

New Regional Director:
Mr. Jose Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs was appointed Regional Director, starting on June 1st 2015. He was to join the Regional Office in Lima in July. We hope to have a closer and more permanent dialogue with the Regional Direction and receive information in due time especially considering that our region will soon face changes in some offices after the Field Review Process is implemented. Management of information, close and transparent communication with staff and respect of ILO rules and rights at work are crucial for any good working environment mainly in light of the structure review process. We have also stated clearly that we expect better Human Resources practices and clear HR regulations to be applied as well. We have also reminded the Regional Direction that we do have Guidelines on Managing Change and Restructuring Processes agreed in the JNC in August 2012 to be followed, when the process starts.
From the SU side we have offered all our support in order to make this process successful though we expect as staff to also be respected and be informed and participate accordingly.