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ICSC/84/R.9/Add.5 – 30 March 2017
ICSC/84/R.7 – 3 March 2017
ICSC/ACPAQ/39/R.2 – 29 February 2017
ICSC/ACPAQ/39/R.4 – 17 February 2017
ICSC/ACPAQ/39/R.3 – 17 February 2017
The post adjustment System, New York, February 2011


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Letter to the Executive Heads of all common system organization with staff in Geneva – 7 JUNE 2017

Letter to the Executive Heads of all common system organizations with Staff in Geneva, 7 April 2017
FICSA/C/57/PSA/4 – Provisional Agenda Item 15 – 9 January 2004 – The Noblemaire Principle
PPT Presentation on Information session 10th of May 2017
Work Stoppage notice 16 june (French version)


Stop Ambiguity on the pay cut (Bulletin 1525)
Update on the proposed 7.5% pay cut: We do not have good news!
(Bulletin 1524)
6 April 2017 UN Geneva Staff Meeting Against Pay Cut

Questions and answers concerning the “No pay cut campaign”.


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No pay cut
No Pay Cut Horizontal & Vertical
Poster A4 Stop Pay Cuts


Resolution: Against Pay Cuts of Staff in Geneva (24-MAY-2017)
Resolution: Against Pay Cuts of Staff in Geneva

Press and media : 

UN Geneva Staff Threaten to Halt Work Over Likely Pay Cuts – 20 June 2017
More than 5,000 United Nations agencies launched a strike to protest pay cuts
– 17 June 2017
En colère, le personnel de l’ONU se met en arrêt de travail
– Le Temps 16 June 2017
On the last day of the ILC, UN staff based in Geneva embarked on a work stoppage against 7,5% pay cut
 – 16 June 2017
Les employés de l’ONU à Genève se mettent en grève
– 16 June 2017
UN Geneva staff hold work stoppage over pay cut plans – swissinfo .ch 16 June 2017
Les employés de l’ONU menacent de cesser le travail – 24 May 2017
U.N. Staff in Geneva Angry Over Pay Cut Plan, Call for Strike
– 24 May 2017
Rébellion contre des coupes salariales aux Nations Unies – Le Temps 24 April 2017
UN Geneva staff fight pay cut plans – 25 April 2017
Les employés genevois de l’ONU trinquent pour les new yorkais – RTS 11 April 2017
Il futuro della Ginevra del mondo – RSI news 11 April 2017
Geneva UN staff up in arms over pay cut – 06 April 2017


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