Compensation package – How to appeal the changes to your salary

Dear colleagues,

As you may know, a number of important changes have been made to P and D staff compensation. These are further explained here:

UN staff unions and associations have raised strong concerns in this regard, and are seeking ways to stop this downgrading of conditions of employment.

As it currently stands, losses will be incurred if:

– you have a working spouse and at least one dependent child (spouse allowance will taper away);
– you are receiving the mobility incentive, have at least 3 prior geographic moves and are in an H duty station (mobility incentive no longer provided);
– you are in a C duty station or a D and E non-family duty station (accelerated home leave no longer provided);
– your child is at university outside your duty station (boarding no longer reimbursed in the education grant); or
– you are in an H duty station and your child is at a boarding school (boarding no longer reimbursed in the education grant).

In addition, losses may be incurred soon if:

– your child incurs non-tuition costs as part of school fees, such as transport and food (non-tuition costs no longer reimbursed in the education grant).

The purpose of this email is to advise you on how you may have a chance to appeal these changes based on the concept of acquired rights.

Under this concept you would need to show that the cuts to your compensation are such that if you were to be offered a job in your organization today, you would not accept it. For this to happen, the accumulated cuts need to be significant.

In order to assess this, the CCISUA (our federation) has prepared an online form, which we invite you to fill in. CCISUA’s lawyers will sift the results and they will be in touch with those who may have a reasonable chance of winning at the Tribunal (UNDT or ILOAT depending on your organization).

The form is short, but does require you to familiarize yourself with the compensation calculator. This form is more accurate than the calculator proposed by the ICSC ( but was created by the UN and is not completely adapted to ILO officials.

IN THE BOX “Medical insurance”, YOU MUST CHOOSE “UN worldwide plan”.

Once you have made your own calculations, we invite you to fill in the following form:

Please note that there are tight deadlines for filing at the Tribunal. We therefore ask that you fill in this form as soon as possible.