Workplace stress – How to address it within the ILO?

Right to reply – SHIF referendum

The SHIF Management Committee arguments in the last HRD broadcast are not valid ! click below to find out why. SHIF-Guarantee-Fund

Statement by the Chairperson of the Staff Union Committee to the Programme, Financial and Administrative Section of the Governing Body (326th Session – March 2016)

Madam Chairperson, Mr. Director-General, Ladies and gentlemen members of the Governing Body Dear colleagues and everyone else present today, I have the honour and pleasure to address you today as Chairperson of the ILO Staff Union which represents 70 per cent of the staff working at headquarters and in the...

SHIF Referendum – Testimonies

SHIF is an institution which should be revamped and tremendously improved. There is a lot of dissatisfaction on the part of beneficiaries in terms of due settlement of medical expenses. This is even more pronounced in the case of retirees. I know a case which happened to fall into my...

SHIF Referendum

WHY should you vote AGAINST the increase in contributions?